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The need for more Bleeding Hearts

I don't know about you, but I've always been labled the "sensitive one" and with that came the honorary distinction of also being DIFFICULT.  And I hate to say, but not much has changed.  I have a hard time in this world, a hard time with the moniker of "capatalist" which I guess I deserve 'cause I've got things to sellllllll!!!   But truly, like every other artist I know...I JUST WANNA MAKE THINGS!!!! 

   I just wanna make things.  But I don't make things in a bubble, I live in a society.  One that seems filled with turmoil and uncertainty at the moment.  Or maybe it's always been that way.  I feel like historians are always going on about how times before us were more bloody and violent...yadda yadda yadda....well I live in the here and now!  And I am making a conscious effort to... how do you say...


Oh man, do y'all remember Lenny Kravitz back in the day.   OOOOOf...what a  hottie!  But I digress...I'm working on being a more open and VULNERABLE person. Man, it is hard.   This crusty outer shell that has protected me for so many years, I think it’s fused to my skin!  So it’s a daily process of chip-chip-chipping it away.  Slowly but surely.  
And that’s what the Bleeding Heart means to me.   A deep desire to let all the goodness and love bubble out of me, for the world to see.  A statement of  "Here I am,  in all my messy humanity...and that's A-OK, ok?" 

Or something like that. 

Make sure to check back in the fall, I’ll be making some more Bleeding Heart stuff for the cooler days!