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Colorful clown heads dngle upon vintage plastic discs.
These vintage cupcake toppers have been turned into sweet earrings.
Colorful clown earrings rest upon a festive sprinkle background.
Dancin' clowns
Coloeful clown earings hang almost 3 1/2 inches long.
Long clown earrings that wiggle.
Dancin' clowns
Dancin' clowns

Dancin' clowns

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Remember those clown dolls from back in the day?  They were made up of colorful yarn (knitted?) disks, so his body was all wiggly-giggly.  Man I loved those kooky dolls.  They were always in your weird aunts house, just hanging out in the shadows.  

Side note: I believe I am now one of those weird aunts.

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